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The Ilizarov external fixator is the name of the device used to lengthen bones. It is a very powerful tool that may also be used to stabilize fractures, re grow lost bone or correct deformities in the length rotation or angles of bones.

Ilizarov mainly depend on synthesizing new bone by distraction & correction of deformities using various rings. Though controlled mechanically applied tension, Ilizarove can regenerate (grow) bone and soft tissues in a reliable and reproducible manner

Process of lengthening bones

The device is attached to two ends of bones. When the device is adjusted several times a day, tension puts the ends of bone slightly apart. The body’s natural healing process fills in this space with new bone. The above bone can be lengthened by about 1 mm each day. The device remains in place until the new bone becomes strong

Indications of Ilizarov Technique

  • From acute fracture to obscure disease such as bunger’s TAO
  • 3 D correction of any deformity of limbs
  • Limb lengthening
  • Non Union & Soft tissues defects
  • Osteo Myelitis
  • Bone and Joint contractue deformities
  • Arthrodesis
  • Congenital deformities like Radial clubbing
  • Hemimelia of lower / upper limbs
  • Proximal bone femoral defiencies
  • Congenital pseudorathris tibia
    • Neglected club foot
    Advantages of Ilizarov
    • Allows multiple level fixator
    • This wires used with rigid fixation
    • Burn infections, fill the non union and promotes bone union
    • Limb length can be adjusted
    • Deformities can be corrected simultaneously
    • Joint mobilization, partial weight bearing possible while treatment
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